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Since I am about to finish graduate school, this blog will be transfered to the following address: I will keep posting interesting projects and news about design and interaction. 🙂 Aegis Hyposurface is an elastic architectural surface made up of small metal plates that are controlled pneumatically and react in real time to electronic stimuli from the environment (movement, sound, light, etc).Driven by 896 pneumatic pistons, the dynamic ‘terrains’ are generated as real-time calculations.Nearly all requested a bachelor’s degree and transcripts, while less than half required a résumé or an interview.

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), others like me really belabored what they should choose, why that topic was worth doing over others, and even tweaking their focus a few times.

It’s a very personal decision and it may depend on your short and long term goals.

Interestingly, four programs didn’t require either. I tallied all the individual courses they taught and found 391 unique course titles.

As with the program names, I optimized the names further, such as consolidating all the “prototyping” classes together.

Sure, Computer Science and Information Science departments were more likely to house a Human-Computer Interaction degree, while a Design department housed an Interaction Design degree occupied, but beyond that, there really wasn’t much to learn. So I took 24 randomly selected, geographically distributed degrees named “interaction design” and looked deeper.

I examined prerequisites, length, coursework, and whether they required a thesis for graduation. Only a slight majority were two years long, with the rest between one year and three years long.They cast a wide net in job listings instead — like an interaction designer job that required a bachelor’s degree in “CS, web dev, HCI, mobile computing, graphic design, software engineering or a related field of study.”Even worse, employers begin to ignore degrees entirely.From the aforementioned survey of interaction designer job listings, 40% did not ask for any degree.I found 49 different required courses, and not one of them appeared in even 50 percent of the other programs. Indeed, there is no such thing as an interaction design degree.Without consistent degree names and programs, prospective students can’t accurately compare schools.What you’re interested in, what your skills are, and what your goals are should be what direct your decision.had returned to school to get a master’s degree in interaction design and was co-presenting a project at a student design conference.After our presentation, a professor at another school complained about our presentation.She said it was too polished and didn’t focus enough on our methodology.I examined different design programs and compared them to the job market.I wanted to identify an ideal curriculum that would best fit what businesses truly need. There’s no such thing as an interaction design degree.


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