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The maxim–Neither more nor less– should be followed at all costs. Words are precious and cannot be wasted: hence, all unnecessary flourishes should be avoided.

Long and complicated sentences are confusing to the reader.

A good abstract requires the following things to be followed: Ensure that the abstract is precise and to the point.

It should only mention the information present in the document.

By going through the abstract, which provides the aim, methodology, and results of a particular study in a concise way, readers can evaluate whether this justifies reading the whole paper.

Thus, an abstract read comes before reading the full document.The keywords would point to hundreds of articles and reference sources. A well-written abstract is the quickest way to selecting the most appropriate source.In the case of student assignments, writing an abstract not only provides the general reader with the summary of the assignment, it is also an indicator to the tutor who is grading your paper.This makes it imperative on your part to give considerable time and thought to go through several iterations before finalizing the title of your research paper.The title needs to be clear, concise, and indicative of the research topic.You can get a bird’s eye view of the work, at a single glance.Hence, the abstract becomes very useful when you have to sift through piles and piles of information and need to do a lot of reading.A good, well-written abstract attracts the attention of the grader to pay more attention to your paper, than the others’ assignments.So, in fact, it can get you more points in the evaluation.Reading an abstract ensures that you save valuable time, which would otherwise have been lost in reading through.This is especially true when you have to sift through a lot of articles that are generated from the keyword search.


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