Importance Of Literature Essay

The literature review is also important in that it helps you sift through large numbers of sources and zero in on the ones most relevant to your investigation.

As part of writing the review, you examine all possible secondary sources, evaluate their relevance, analyze the arguments they contain at the early stages of your research.

Having a theoretical framework is of utmost importance, especially when you write a doctoral dissertation; equally important it is to have your methodology in place.

Your theoretical and methodological frameworks rely hugely on what has been done in the field so far.

You should also examine the gaps in the existing scholarship and place your questions within the wider context.

The review also enables you to track the intellectual progression and all major debates in your field of study.

The review of literature is of high significance in certain disciplines, especially within the social sciences, where it becomes the primary tool to evaluate, juxtapose and critique the existing body of scholarship.

To put simply, it is a survey of literature such as books, articles, write-ups, and other sources that help you address the important issues, theories, and concepts of your research.

A comprehensive analysis of the literature relevant to your topic ensures that you know what has already been said, done, and published in your research area and allied fields.

The review helps you not just to protect yourself against charges of plagiarism, but also saves your time, effort and resources.


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