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The same image may mean different things to people from different cultures or societies.

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Using Visual Rhetoric helps to make a text or presentation more efficient.

It includes the use of images, charts, illustrations, colors, the arrangement of elements within a text, the choice of fonts etc.

the ‘essential tension’ is implicit in scientific research …

the puzzles that constitute normal science exist only because no paradigm that provides a basis for scientific research ever completely resolves all its problems.” That is, there are always facts that don’t fit the paradigm, always something that generates “cognitive dissonance” if you care to look.

If someone were to write a rhetoric essay on a famous example of visual rhetoric, they might choose to explore the changing images of women in China, and how they have changed over the course of six decades or the Mona Lisa and her infamous smile.

Both of these topics provide excellent insight into how this type of persuasive imagery has been used throughout history.In the academic field, the study of Visual Rhetoric is intended to fill the gap in Traditional Rhetoric, which previously had a tendency of ignoring visual elements, considering them unimportant.The study of Visual Rhetoric is closely linked to Semiotics, a science studying signs and their meaning.He refers to normal science as “puzzle solving” in which the point of ongoing research is to find solutions within the current paradigm.“[E]very problem that normal science sees as a puzzle can be seen, from another viewpoint, as a counterinstance, and thus as a source of crisis,” that is, you could say, a source of cognitive dissonance.To provide a good example of how visual rhetoric can impact advertising, consider the following image. Not only does it speak to the viewer, it persuades them to think and act in a manner that might be different from how they typically would respond.When viewing the advert, ask yourself the following: Remember, visual rhetoric is a part of the communication process.Once again, Runnells and Stephenson are at least as vulnerable to the intellectual sins they discern in their opponents.Kuhn talks about the importance of being able to deal with the ongoing mismatches between expectation and measurements.Visual Rhetoric is a fairly recent theoretical development explaining how images communicate meaning to the audience.It is considered a component of visual literacy (two other components being visual thinking and visual learning).


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