Ib Chemistry Coursework Mark Scheme

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Level 7 in chemistry HL seems pretty much impossible at the moment!

As a medic hopeful, I feel the need to achieve a 7.

The course content includes the following: Part 1 - Energy and Equilibrium. Strategies for synthesis and properties of biologically significant molecules will also be addressed.

The relevance of intermolecular forces, chemical equilibrium, energy considerations and chemical reactivity applied to aspects of chemistry and biochemistry. Attendance is compulsory at all scheduled chemistry practical sessions.

The options I did was environmental and biochemistry. When you summarize syllabus points, the study guide is extremely helpful. If you need more help feel free to PM me or post here. Study in details: i find this one really useful and important.

Although I cannot say I didn't remember some things about it from the mock exam and from last year September when we were studying them, so I wasn't learning everything fresh from the start. It would be the best if you can get hold of the IB question bank and specifically do questions on topics you struggle. Some ppl study through the syllabus i think thats a pretty good idea too.Options are usually not hard, its just memorizing in general...This time if i had prepared well for P3, i really would have done so much better.... Sounds really lots of work but i think thats what u need to do to make a 7...Also, take any topic tests that they give you in school seriously (as well as the mocks)- what you learn then will stay in your mind (even if you have to dig a bit) and makes the final revision easier. This allows you to revise stuff more than once and it relieves a lot of pressure. The hardest part for me is sitting down to study, the rest will come. Also, because I prefer to revise from the first chapter to the last, I sometimes spend too much time on the easier chapters. If you feel pressured for time, start with the difficult chapters and move to the easier ones. What I did - Buy revision books and carefully read them.2) If you don't understand a particular topic very well, then ask your teacher to explain it. But if you have lots of time, then do them in order. Chemistry HL is a subject where you will not get a 7 if you do not UNDERSTAND the syllabus. This way, no matter what type of questions come, you have the basic knowledge. But I do not recommend doing them before small tests and stuff, because once you arrive at the Mock Exams or the final, you will have been too familiar with the questions (which is not how a real examination is! (The Oxford companion, and the shortened revision guide; the IBID press book; and finally the OSC revision guides).Cheers for the help Yo guys, summer's coming up and I really need to work hard at chemistry.Cheers for the help I shall try and summarise some tips: 1) Understanding before learning.Take labs seriously: read the instructions and do prepare especially for a lab involves planning. Well, maybe you dont need to do that much if you r smart, or like many ppl chose cramming in the end..And keep in mind that you need to do the error, uncertainty and make sure you know how to do it. but these advices are just for insurance if you have to get the 7. Coz in the final revision you will find previous memories help alot!! Revise those topics before you approach the ones you find easy.2) Read around the subject-a lot of text books are far too brief and don't give detail. 6) In terms of revising for the exam-practice questions loads.3) This summer, obviously make sure you are comfortable with everything you did this year. 4) Develop your own way of understanding it-sometimes it can be difficult (e.g. don't just learn the equation or the rule of thumb, understand it. in the redox topic actually understand the electron transfer. There is an IB way of answering questions, especially the longer ones. So if you don't know one, then your probably couldn't answer questions related to that.


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