Hybrid Vehicle Research Papers

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Hybrid cars great deal also tend to be less noisy than a regular car, which is fine with me.

You can also save money by not having to maintain or replace the starter or alternator in a hybrid car.

Acting as a pump, the hydraulic drive is used to re-pressurize hydraulic fluid by using the momentum of the vehicle.

This process converts kinetic energy into reusable potential energy and is called regenerative braking. In parallel HHVs both the engine and the hydraulic drive system mechanically interact with the wheels.

In the presented research results can be seen as a great contribution to the work of the propulsion system has an internal combustion engine, which not only drives the electric generator, but also a wheeled vehicles.

A technique has been developed for deriving the optimal operating strategy including engine calibration for a hybrid vehicle given the vehicle hardware description, the operating cycle, emission constraints, and the relative costs of the two energy sources carried on the vehicle.

Wikipedia stated a hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to cue the vehicle.

The hybrid vehicle typically achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than a standard car.

Although more or less hybrid car cost between ,000 to ,000 more than regular cars, the tax breaks average in the region of ,000 to ,000.

The interesting to have in mind about hybrid car is that they are up to 90 percent more efficient on fuel, causing less pollution to our environment.


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