Hungarian Assignment

TODO(user): base this code on Linear Sum Assignment.

An O(n^4) implementation of the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm (a.k.a.

If I hadn't vouched for creating the program that day, you wouldn't be reading this and I would have remained remiss of the other aspects of programming.

We need to have python installed on your Windows/Linux machine.

You can use the Dijkstra algorithm to compute the shortest path from the source node to any other node.

You can use the Floyd-Warshall algorithm to compute the shortest path from any node to any node.

I researched for a day, and then went ahead executing the GUI with Tkinter. However, once again I was in a fix because while preparing the Git Hub readme, in the prerequisites section, I mentioned Python as it was necessary for the project.

I was using a Linux Machine with all the utilities installed.

It was taught by a teacher with a non programming background. E to submit a program that solves the job assignment problem using the Hungarian method.

At the end of the course, the teacher requested students from C. Since, nobody from the class was interested, I took it up as a challenge.


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