How To Write Conclusion For Dissertation

The conclusion is where you summarize your arguments.

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This section also re-acquaints the reader or examiner with the research question and goal.

In that sense, the concluding chapter binds the different concepts/findings with the hypothesis and pull the entire dissertation or thesis into a comprehensive and comprehensible unit.

Your thesis has a very fascinating title and an even more interesting abstract.

So, someone picks up your 200 pages thesis with the idea of reading it.

The general rule of thumb that is followed for a concluding chapter is around 5 pages for a Masters dissertation and around 15 pages for a doctoral thesis.

However, depending upon your university, supervisor and your topic, the length of the chapter may vary.

However you may need to add a “Recommendations” section in your conclusion if there isn’t one.

If you recall all the other research articles you have read, they usually end in a call for more research.

As I explained last week, I write the "Summary and Conclusions" section of a paper by taking notes while proofreading the first draft.

For the final chapter of my dissertation, I used a scaled-up version of this approach: Using this approach, I could not only write my final chapter very quickly (about 2 to 3 days of work for the first version), but I also kept reminding myself frequently of staying on course, staying close to the core of my work and trying to make the final chapter the executive summary of the entire dissertation.


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