How To Write A Good Nursing Essay

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Colleges commonly ask students to describe a hardship they overcame, a difficult task they accomplished, or a professional goal they hope to achieve through the program.

Many schools also ask students to detail previous experiences in healthcare.

A well-crafted essay can help students stand out among other qualified applicants.

As with any piece of writing, students must take the time to revise.

They may also take exams in order to obtain state licensure or professional certification.

In all these instances, students usually need to write one or more long-form essays. Though students may not know what specific prompt the test will require, they can anticipate certain common topics.

They must provide accurate information regarding patient care, symptoms, and medications.

Careful, evidence-based documentation can help healthcare professionals decide on new treatment plans and how to settle potential litigation.

In their personal statements, nursing students should portray themselves as determined and empathetic individuals whose characteristics, history, goals, work ethic, and healthcare philosophy align with their program’s values.

Some nursing schools ask for a general personal statement, while others require a specific prompt.


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