How To Write A 12 Essay

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With your eyes on that prize, distractions will melt away, and you’ll speed up instead of slowing down. The more practical answer, though, is ALL HAIL THE FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY.

In the best of scenarios, you may speed up enough that you still have at least a little time to go back and make a few last minute (or last second) improvements before your time is cut off. And if you’re aiming for that perfect score, just make slight adjustments to the standard format; we’ll take a look at how to do this in the next section.

It also makes sense on an essay question that presents you with three different perspectives to analyze.

You can devote one paragraph to each perspective and end on the one that most agrees with your own perspective, so you can develop it a little further.

If you’re new to the essay, you’ll want to start at the beginning with the overview of ACT Writing and possibly even try your first practice essay today with one of the prompts here.

On the other hand, if you already have some experience with the ACT Essay, you may want to start with the guide to improving your score, or even with the template for a high-scoring essay.But how would you feel if I told you that I’ve totally figured out how to change that? Today, instead of talking about how to get a perfect 12 on the ACT Essay, we’re actually going to talk about how you can succeed at the universe’s all-time greatest school: Hogwarts.Little-known fact: the 12 things you need to do to succeed at Hogwarts are Read on, future Griffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs! Go talk to a snake or something.) So what can you expect from this post?We’ll look at an overview of the ACT Writing section, then go into how it’s scored and the skills it tests.We’ll compare the ACT Essay to the SAT Essay and help you decide whether you should take the ACT with Writing or without.Each paragraph can be devoted to analyzing one of the three perspectives using solid, specific evidence and reasoning.I suggest that you order the perspectives in the way that will best support your overall argument.Your basic five-paragraph essay starts with the introduction.Here, you introduce the debatable topic and state your thesis.This means that polishing your written English is vital before test day (it also means that this study will do double duty, as it will also help you prep for the ACT English section). Get organized early and check out Magoosh’s guides to the finer points of English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary that the ACT graders will be looking for. Here are some steps you can take to adjust your pace and writing when the clock is running down.Here are the ACT writing tips you need before test day: You know how you’re going to come up with your thesis. You even know how you’re going to use your vocab and grammar to your advantage… Timed practice is the key to mastering this, but even masters of the ACT essay will occasionally find that they’re running out of time. You look at the clock, and you realize that time’s almost up. If you are running out of ACT writing time, stay focused. You may feel the urge to stop, take a deep breath, and think about what you should do. If you’d been writing at a more careful pace to avoid errors and make good word choices, focus less on these minor aspects of writing. Word choice and errors do affect your score in some ways, but an incomplete essay will get a much lower score than an essay that just has a few mistakes.


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