How To Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

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How to play: Start with the statement “Remember when you …” and dream up something unusual to fill in the blank.

You might try, “Remember when you were the first person to walk on the moon?

Here’s a short example of how this might play out: “Hey Jen, what’s new? Just sitting here wondering what it all means.” “What all what means? You know, life, death, sex, sandwiches, politics, ‘The Bachelorette’ …” “You need to meditate.” “I can’t.

It’s like the big bang in my brain.” “That’s, uh, very philosophical.” “Or hallucinatory.

This game can help strengthen your writing core by focusing on the middle of it all.

How to play: Borrow a brilliant opening line from a writer you admire, and then a closing line from a different one.Follow her @ While experimenting in the writing workshops I teach, I’ve found that, when adapted for writers—whether your focus is fiction, nonfiction, or anything else—the techniques taught through improv can enhance creativity, improve storytelling and dialogue skills, help make problems easier to solve, and make writing Playing these games—alone or with a partner or group—can help you become more creative and fearless without ever having to step into the spotlight.Find one that speaks to you, and get ready to improv your way to better writing.Nothing stimulates great ideas like seeing how different writers approach the same challenge.7. If you want your readers to be passionate about what you’ve put on the page, you have to be as excited when you write as Fido is about a ride in the car.This game is all about sticking your head out the window and enjoying your own process.In the theatrical improv game by this name, two or more players act out a transformation—say, from egg to chicken—in their own ways.One might focus on the chick’s facial expressions and sounds, while another breaks out of the egg and unsteadily begins to walk.You can do the same with another script for your friend.What you end up with might look something like this: Tip: Read the entire half-script before you begin so you can do the best job of filling in the blanks.” or, “Remember when you discussed Frisbee golf with Sir Isaac Newton?” (I like to think this is the way Steve Martin conceived his brilliant play , in which Picasso and Einstein meet regularly at a bar.) Once you have your imagined memory, write a 1,500-word monologue in which you passionately describe from the first-person perspective what happened, using powerful imagery to draw readers in and make them believe every nuance.


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