How To Find Research Papers Online

Now students can get information on any topic pertaining to science through academic search engines.They provide a centralized platform and allow the students to acquire literature on any topic within seconds.

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But the goal is to use the most authoritative sources possible.

If you want to know about teeth, for example, who would you consult – a dentist or a hockey player?

Research papers can be fascinating and enjoyable, especially when you dig up unique and noteworthy research paper sources. But I’m not suggesting you should quote the Wikipedia article.

Here are six quick tips that will help you do fast, effective research, and find great research paper sources that will set you apart from your classmates. We realize that there may still be some negative realities that come with a site that anyone can edit.

If you are studying Abraham Lincoln, try to find some letters he himself wrote.

Maybe you could find an original newspaper clipping of interviews with the people closest to him. If you are studying something more recent, sometimes you can find video or audio interviews with major players in your topic.Second – and most importantly – we’re after the citations and sources at the bottom.Wikipedia frequently cites the most important research paper sources for you. (In our example article – learning styles – there are nearly 50 sources cited) After you’ve dug through your Wikipedia article, the next step is an easy one – go to the library.Try to find the sources that have been cited by the most other sources. This service will tell you how many times your different research paper sources have been cited. After you’ve found a few good resources that help explain your topic, get to the sources behind those research paper sources.This takes a bit of research before you’re able to find these, but as you read several sources, you should start to see a pattern of references. Generally speaking, the closer a resource is to the topic you’re studying, the better.This article will focus on some popular academic search engines that have revolutionized the way information is researched by the students.They are rich in information and have the highest level of credibility.The above mentioned academic database and directories are among the most trusted search engines for scientific research.They offer information on possibly all the major areas of science including computer and technology, biology, environmental science and social sciences, and other areas of academic research.And – knowing how high school students often write – think about how much fun that will be. It’s a sure way to miss the success level you desire.Instead, find some creative ways to make your research paper interesting.


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