How Jrotc Builds Leadership Essay

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CULP is a program designed to give cadets an opportunity to work with foreign cadet’s and militaries.

While it was an awesome opportunity to travel, and see the world, USACC (United States Army Cadet Command) implemented this program into its curriculum to give cadet’s a chance at crossing cultural barriers and to foster an understanding of the importance of culture.

To learn more about the program, visit the JROTC website.

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In today’s world, the United States Army and military is present in a number of other countries, for a wide array of reasons.

We are in some countries considered to be a “combat theater” and others as allies.

JROTC is generally available as a course at school, so it isn’t exactly an extracurricular activity.

However, when it comes time to fill out your college applications, you will most likely want to describe your involvement in the Activities section, especially since it is listed as one of the activities categories in the Common App.

Overall, I had an incredible summer as Basic Camp helped me to grow as a future Army leader and as a person.

Cadet Kevin Bryson: Cultural Understanding and language Program (CULP) From May 21st to July 21st I was fortunate enough to participate in a CULP Mission.


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