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To access the My Math Lab Assignment Manager, simply click on the My Math Lab Assignment Manager link under the heading of Instructor Tools, as the following screenshot shows: You will now be taken to the Homework/Test Manager screen that lists all your Assignments in My Math Lab.

You will notice that to the very right of each Assignment is a column that is labeled as “Actions”.

That’s where our printable worksheets come in handy.

Not only do these worksheets help boost academic proficiency in all subjects across all grade levels, but they’re designed to make the entire learning experience more enjoyable for young minds.

Please feel free to contact Marc Nash via email ([email protected]), or by phone at 719-502-3073 if you are running into issues.

Most students print out a copy of the assignment, work out the problems on paper and then enter the answers in We BWor K.You will need to allow pop-ups in order to print the homework/assignment in My Math Lab.The following screenshot is an example of a blocked pop-up notification using Chrome, and how clicking on it will give you the option to allow pop-ups.Parents understand that the best way to improve their child’s academic performance is to practice key learning skills.Unfortunately, they also understand that most kids resist these practice sessions because they find them tedious.Jump Start’s large collection of fun 3rd grade worksheets is perfect for 8 and 9 year old kids.Students can use these free and printable worksheets to review and practice important concepts in math, language, writing, science and social studies.Note: You may have to close the window, and try printing the assignment from the Homework/Assignment manager, to have the allow pop-ups setting take effect.Once the Print option works, you will see a preview of what the Homework/Assignment will look like.You may get contacted by ACCESSibility Services on behalf of a student in your course, asking you to print out Assignments/Homework/Tests from your My Math Lab course. After following the prior steps, you should see the main launch screen for My Math Lab. Access your Course’s Homepage in PPCC Online (D2L), and then click on the Pearson My Lab and Mastering link, that is found in the Pearson My Lab & Mastering widget.


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