Hinduism New Essays In The History Of Religions

In fairness, of course, Hinduism is a vast, complex topic, more difficult to pin down, in many respects, than the Abrahamic faiths.

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But those looking for a similarly substantial take on Hinduism’s rise in modern Indian politics should look elsewhere.

Put another way: Modi might have learned a few useful things about the country he now leads from observing the mixture of religion and politics that produced the Doniger controversy, but Doniger’s readers won’t learn much from her books about the mixture of religion and politics that produced Modi.

The Doniger affair represented a clear victory for the conservatives, who are riding higher now than at any moment in India’s postindependence history.

Indian liberals were dismayed by Penguin’s decision and by the possibility that Aleph might have followed suit.

ZEN DIAGRAM is a collection culled from 140 essays Doniger wrote between 19, some of which have been revised, condensed, and updated.

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The book might bewilder non-Hindu Western readers, partly because Doniger seems to assume (or hope) that her audience will consist of many Indians and Hindus who won’t need too much simplification or reduction.

Indian democracy has long been limited by colonial-era laws that restrict speech in the name of protecting religion.

Religious groups routinely exploit such statutes to limit the freedom of expression that generally characterizes public life in the world’s largest democracy.

Doniger addresses this definitional problem in the opening essay of : "What we need instead of a definite list of shared factors, therefore, is something rather more like a Venn diagram, a set of intersecting circles of concepts and beliefs and practices. Through yoga and ayurveda, Hindu and Buddhist theories of consciousness, thought and action, life and death, sickness and health have become detached from esoteric texts and have emerged as globalized secular disciplines available to people of all cultures and religions.

Doniger reveals how contemporary, westernized, and physically oriented aspects of yoga now define the practice just as much as Indian philosophical approaches that are concerned primarily with the mind (or with consciousness) and only later with the body.


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