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The same research indicates that one in every four Americans owned a gun in 2009.In this essay, I will outline current gun ownership climate in America, before providing the reasons why many are encouraging stricter gun control laws.

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Scholars, advocates and the media have cited this number with regularity and it is now accepted as fact.

The fact that there are so many gun control laws already in existence has been used as a reason to not increase the number of gun control laws in the U. The 20,000 figure relating to gun control laws was even used by ex-president Ronald Reagan about 11 weeks after someone attempted to assassinate him.

The American Constitution should not be amended to reflect new laws that don’t allow firearms to the general public.

According to the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, there are about 20,000 gun-control laws in the United States.

“Through our Million Mom March and Brady Chapters, we work locally to educate people about the dangers of guns, honor victims of gun violence, and pass sensible gun laws, believing that all Americans, especially children, have the right to live free from the threat of gun violence,” (Kosson, 2012).

What this campaign group doesn’t consider is the many lives that are saved because of guns, not to mention the number of people who are deterred from becoming criminals because they know that the person in the house that they may rob might shoot them in self defense. Some argue that not only are there practical reasons to allow someone to own guns, there is also the consideration that the American Constitution says United States residents have the right to bear arms. The Amendment states that people are allowed to have their gun rights protected against even the threat of government to take control over their arms.

That means that the Second Amendment is still relevant today. and Russia eventually caused the treaty to be defeated and human rights advocates said the U. However, 50 senators sent a letter addressed to Barack Obama, saying they would vote in opposition of the ratification of the treaty if it doesn’t allow law-abiding Americans with the right to own guns.

“While most courts continue to interpret the Second Amendment as a collective right, academic scholarship is more divided,” (Cornell, 2004). However, the Huffington Post quoted Suzanne Trimel, Amnesty International spokeswoman, who said, “Basically, what they’re saying is that the arms trade treaty will have some impact on domestic, Second Amendment gun rights.

There is already an excess of gun laws in deciding what should be included in the laws.

“For example, many local laws prohibit carrying or firing guns in public places,” (Vernick, 2002).


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