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In the Great Gatsby, the dream is that one can acquire happiness through wealth and power.To get his happiness Jay attempts to reacquire the love of his lost sweet heart, Daisy.

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He knew that at that time a relationship of love was impossible with Daisy due to his low social standing.

Gatsby became determined to breach that gap between them in order to have a loving relationship with Daisy. He no longer possessed moral integrity or the ability to handle a relationship.

For Nick Carraway, his goal is to find someone whose achievement in life could prove that the American Dream is not an illusion.

For Daisy Buchanan, her dream is to reach a higher standard of living and to become very rich even though she has to pay the price of betraying her own heart and her loyalty to Gatsby’s unconditional love.

The Great Gatsby takes this belief, and shows its flaws through the lives of Jay, Tom and Daisy.

In fact, all of the characters in the story are affected in some way by the lives of these three characters.

He did reach the physical circumstances necessary to love her, but he had focused too much on money and power the previous five years of his life. Society is often broken up into different social groups by their economic status.

Those of lower classes believe that their problems will go away if they can gain enough wealth to reach the upper class.

The Great Gatsby Dreams The Great Gatsby Dreams The Great Gatsby by F.

Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel about the American Dream.


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