Graphic Organizer For Argumentative Essay

Graphic Organizer For Argumentative Essay-6
Choose a simple topic (such as, Sixth Grade is the Best Grade or Why Our Lunch Period Should be Longer).

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As they work, students plan their arguments and outline their reasons and examples.

Persuasive Essay: Environmental Issues How can we convince others to agree with us on important issues?

Have you tried prewriting and outlining, yet can’t seem to pull your ideas together?

If all those Roman numerals and upper and lowercase letters of a traditional outline are enough to drive you mad, why not try a different way to organize your thoughts: use graphic organizers for writing.

It won’t end well.)If you have the proper safety equipment and a pretty good sense of how to mix chemicals, a flowchart can be an excellent tool to help you keep track of reactions.

Graphic Organizer For Argumentative Essay

Here’s an example of what your volcano flowchart might look like.Flowcharts can also be invaluable if you’re writing a lab report.Let’s say you’re in your basement mixing chemicals, such as baking soda and vinegar, to create a volcano.It’s pretty obvious that you could use a flowchart for a process analysis essay to show each step of a process.But a flowchart might be particularly useful for this type of essay if you can approach the task in several different ways.Use this graphic organizer to develop a persuasive stance for an essay, speech, poster, or any type of assignment that incorporates persuasion.Teaching With This Printout More Ideas to Try Related Resources Examples of persuasion surround our lives, and the ability to persuade others is a powerful asset.Don’t limit your use of flowcharts to things like process analysis papers and lab reports.Flowcharts can be useful when writing about literature too.Your mad scientist self kicks in, and you decide to throw in a few other chemicals here and there, just to see how they react.(Unless you really know what you’re doing, though, I really don’t recommend haphazardly mixing chemicals.


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