Graphic Design Personal Statement Resume

You should add some description about the project, so that the reader is motivated to take a look at your work.

Again, the more relevant the projects are to the work the employer is likely to request of you, the better.

Team working is valuable and all employers value this capability.

State how large the team was, how long the project took and what your exact role was.

An achievement is an area where you personally made a difference through your contribution, so consider including design projects where your role was significant.

Project Research Proposal Example - Graphic Design Personal Statement Resume

You can, of course, include a link to your portfolio in a Graphic Designer CV - a hyperlink is fine, but remember your CV may also be printed off, so don't use anchor text instead of a readable URL.

The more specific information you can offer, the easier the employer will find it to envisage you working in their organisation or agency.

If you have won any awards, received written commendations from clients or had work exhibited, then you can also include this information under your achievements section on your Graphic Design CV.

While budgets are impossible to include, feedback and reviews are valuable information.

As there is a technical aspect to a graphic designer's work, it's worth including a Skills section on a Graphic Design CV.


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