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Although your routine should remain the same, you may have to adjust the homework time on certain days depending on other family activities.

Although your routine should remain the same, you may have to adjust the homework time on certain days depending on other family activities.Allow for a break every 20 minutes if necessary and make sure your child is fed.

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Your child should know her homework assignments as well. Tell your child how important it is to complete each assignment and show your child your support by being physically near him while he is working.

You can finish your own work, clean the kitchen, or pay the bills.

Here are some tips on how to make homework a priority and still have time to kick around the soccer ball.

Know the teacher’s homework policies and expectations.

If your child does his homework in after-school care, you should still ask about it or go over his work in order to stay informed and involved. Be available when your child is doing homework so she can ask you questions or look to you for guidance.

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Remember that the goal of homework is for your child to learn and practice new skills so it is not helpful for you to complete assignments for her.Check in occasionally and be available to offer homework help, but try not to give the answers. Ask your child to write down her assignments in a special book or calendar.Show your child how to do homework instead of doing the work yourself. Your child’s teacher may have a special folder for homework assignments, especially in the younger grades. It can be at the kitchen table or a spot in the den.If you find that your child is consistently overwhelmed with his homework or struggling set up a meeting with his teacher to talk through these concerns and how you can best support his learning.Many of the issues concerning success in school revolve around developing good study habits and expectations regarding homework.When your child begins elementary school you have the opportunity to support him as he develops positive homework habits and creates a good foundation for his school experience. This may differ depending on the age of your child or what type of homework she is doing.Ideally, this should be a relatively quiet place with plenty of light.Few children work well independently in their bedrooms unless you accompany them, especially in the elementary and middle school years.Help your child stay focused on homework by turning off the TV and removing other distractions.Parents can certainly play a major role in providing the encouragement, environment, and materials necessary for successful studying to take place.Some general things adults can do, include: An established study routine is very important, especially for younger school age children.


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