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In this post, we argue that the figure is an accurate measure of the inequality in earnings between women and men who work full-time, year-round in the labor market and reflects a number of different factors: discrimination in pay, recruitment, job assignment, and promotion; lower earnings in occupations mainly done by women; and women’s disproportionate share of time spent on family care, including that they—rather than fathers—still tend to be the ones to take more time off work when families have children.Just because the explanation of the gender wage gap is multi-faceted does not make it a lie.In addition, women of all racial/ethnic groups earn less than men in that same racial/ethnic group.

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The Urban Institute, using Social Security earnings data, finds that the typical wife earns about 50 percent of what her husband does across their working lives.Why do Australian women earn less than Australian men? The quest for equal pay has been a highly emotive and political debate, spanning a number of decades.After thirty years of equal pay legislation, however, the gender wage gap in the Australian workplace continues, females earning about 8% less than their male counterparts in all industries and all-major occupational groupings.Annual bonus payments, for example, are a part of remuneration in some fields and are included in the 80.5 percent figure, but are excluded from the weekly or hourly earnings figures.Both the weekly and annual earnings ratios are for full-time workers only; if part-time and part-year workers were included, the ratios of women’s to men’s earnings would be even lower, as women are more likely than men to work reduced schedules, often in order to manage unpaid childrearing and other caregiving work.This has seen women as undervalued, causing a lot of discrimination and hardship in the workplace for women.Males have been seen to dominate the high wages in the workplace of every industry by receiving higher benefits, over-award payments, superannuation and greater chances of promotion.Equality of wages in Australia is of high concern, and has been for a long period of time.On no account of Australia's history, have women and men's wages ever been equal, rather they have always had a significant gap between them.When a phenomenon, such as the wage gap, can be explained by various factors, it does not mean the phenomenon doesn’t exist.In fact, those explanations are the exact factors to look at when identifying interventions to solve the problem. Black and Hispanic populations in the United States have higher poverty rates than the white population.


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