Gatsby Thesis American Dream

Gatsby Thesis American Dream-20
People were elated by the possibility of continued happiness through material wealth.However, this atmosphere of striving relentlessly towards the future in the promise of rewards had a bitter flipside. These authors tried to show that the people of America were changing – becoming superficial and self-consumed and misconstruing happiness as wealth and materialism.

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He founded his ideas on the prevailing optimism that with the right motivation and activity anyone could become a solvent, well-respected individual.

Perhaps no time in America’s history quite demonstrated the people’s obsessive preoccupation with the American dream than the 1920s.

Franklin was a great emblem of American ideology and a founder of much of its deepest held attitudes and beliefs.

Franklin was one of the first self-confessed entrepreneurs and his many written works became great incentives for Americans to become pro-active and to try and be the best one could be.

The American president Herbert Hoover said in 1925 ‘‘.

On the surface of it, the nation was thriving with its own successes.

There is no strict definition of the ‘American Dream’ though early in the twentieth century and in many ways still today it has become the term which describes an inherent faith in the promise of the new world.

As a country, America has no far stretching history to forge and enrich its culture.

But the worst qualities of the dream’s modern face are evident in Tom and Daisy Buchanan, who live without any hopes or regrets because the foundation of their character is money and wealth.

Nick describes the Buchanan’s as “careless people” who can retreat back into their money.


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