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Hope this helps French conjunctions: you could try here Have a look and pick out the ones you don't know, and try to remember them. You also need to know conventions of the text type - for letters you need to know informal/formal sign offs, for essays you should know the connecting words to begin paragraphs (eg. Vocabulary: If you need to improve your vocabulary the best way to do this is to 1. Try to read in French (my school library has some french books which are not too hard. You could have a notebook for this, or make a file on yr computer. I HAVE FINISHED IT BUT I NEED SOMEBODY TO CHECK WHETHER ITS ACCURATE... AND I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEBODY COULD CONTACT ME SO THAT I AM ABLE TO SEND THEM THE DOCUMENT... I guess that's the "monkeys and typewriters" mentality... The General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, or A Level, is a main school leaving qualification in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.I agree with what others are saying, also try finding a list of connectives (so, therefore, except etc.) and rebuild a sentence around them. Secondly, the caps lock key is to the left of "a" on your keyboard. Thirdly, you're not allowed to post your e-mail address on this forum.

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Those three connectives make a huge difference - the grammar has stayed the same, essentially, but it looks like a more sophisticated piece of writing. Start off with a simple piece and then add to it, use a thesaurus and get unusual words and idioms etc. so you could be using 'puisque' instead of 'parce que', or 'lorsque' instead of 'quand'. And if it's work, are you confident with work-related vocab? You will also get a feel for the grammar by doing this. When you encounter a word that you know will be useful in an essay, or which is a common word, write it down. I really quite dislike french at the moment, because i just messed up my french ext orals. urgh, and i'm also annoyed at my teacher, because she marked me down in an writing task because 'it wasn't enough like an essay' when it wasn't an essay, but a letter which she asked us to write in the question. HI PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COULD SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH YM FRENCH GCSE COURSEWORK PIECE... I have told him on one of the other four threads he posted in, although I'm not sure he's coming back - rather just pasting it everywhere in the hope that someone will see.

* The Combined Science IGCSE is a dual award and as such is priced as 2 GCSEs.

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