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We also issue our participants (depending on the course attended) with a belt pouch, included in this is a Vent Aid and a pair of Powder Free Vinyl Gloves, this means that first aiders who have been through our courses are always ready and equipped to protect themselves should they find themselves in a situation where they are required to call upon their skills and knowledge.

Upon successful completion of our courses (depending on the course attended), all participants will receive 2 certificates through the post; one an A5 size and the other a credit card size so that you always have some proof of your certification on you.

All of our courses are delivered with the use laptop and digital projectors, using graphical animations and clipart to deliver course material in a colourful and entertaining way (with a bit of humour thrown in along the way).

We have the facilities to give participants on our courses as much practical, hands-on practise as possible, for example, enough manikins for a ratio of one per pair!!!

HSE strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake annual refresher training, over half a day, during any three-year certification period.

Although not mandatory, this will help qualified first-aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes to first-aid procedures.Derwent Training Consultants have been established since March 2004, we are specialists providing on-site and in-house training for schools and companies of all sizes.We have access to superb resources from HSE, FAIB, Resuscitation Councils, advice from many illness charities for example; Asthma, Diabetes, as well as access to A&E Consultant level advice and information.From 1 October 2013 HSE no longer approves training and qualifications for the purposes of first aid at work.Training organisations who were formerly ‘Approved’ by HSE to deliver First Aid at Work Training can no longer claim to be HSE Approved or use their HSE Approval number.We are accredited by The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) 1142/92/130 and the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (jaupt CRS13767/2254).In the relatively short period that we have been established, the professionalism and popularity of our teaching methods have made us the preferred supplier for organisation such as Finesse Hotels, DHL International (UK) Ltd, Tarmac (Topfloor) Ltd, Derby City Council H. Martin, Defabs, Sperry Rail International and many schools in the Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.Similarly HSE cannot advise on the standard of quality assurance systems that a training provider may have in place. If an employer has identified that first-aiders are needed in their workplace, they must ensure that those identified to be first first aiders undertake training appropriate to the need - typically this may be first aid at work (FAW) or emergency first aid at work (EFAW): The findings of the first-aid needs assessment can help employers decide whether their first-aiders should be trained in FAW or EFAW or to some other appropriate standard.As a guide, the table in First aid at work: your questions answered suggests what first-aid personnel to provide under different circumstances.Since changes to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulation 1981 on 1 October 2013, HSE no longer approves first aid training and qualifications – or first aid training providers.The only first-aid training HSE approves is under the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (first aid) Regulations 1989.


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