Feminist Criticism Essay On Cinderella

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A fine message, to be sure, for someone of any gender: it should always be a goal to be as kind and gracious to others as possible.

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He is just a working stand-in for the female-focused narratives, which work to push girls towards the author’s ulterior motives of supposed “good behaviour” for females.

The movies and stories are always more focused on the girl’s behaviour and her side of the story, making her into the perfect, flawless character.

In one of the original versions of the classic , once Cinderella is revealed to be the mysterious princess, she still goes out of her way to be kind to her step-sisters, by giving them fancy lodgings and matching them up with men of the court – a detail left out in both the live action or animated versions of Disney’s .

However, being a kind and gracious young lady is established at the end of the tale as being the moral of the story: even more valuable than just being beautiful, even though that point it pushed quite a few times throughout the tale.

While Perrault’s version covers two nights, and the Brother’s Grimm follows a total of three nights of Cinderella and her prince interacting Yet, Disney would have you believe that not only did these two fall in love during that time, but that it was also the perfect, happily-ever-after romance, in a situation only driven on by appearances.

In reality, it shouldn’t be considered anything more than infatuation.Cinderella sticks to the values that were pushed by the original fairytale, and she’s rewarded by her escape with a pretty much unknown prince.It’s not surprising, considering it is a pretty common motif in just about every fairytale that features a pure, innocent girl in an unfortunate situation that ultimately gets rewarded for her good behaviour and fitting into the classic beauty expectations by way of rescue by a handsome prince.While the male hero isn’t expected to be all that eloquent with his words, he’s still expected to be the one to take charge in any situation. In order for them to succeed, they needed to fit into the narrow view of what was beautiful, as well as being kind, generous, self-sacrificing, the epitome of patience and forgiveness – just to name a few.Essentially, they were taught to be as passive and as gentle as possible.Beauty from acts like the perfect girl and daughter, and is rewarded by the beast transforming into a handsome prince.Snow White is rescued from her wicked stepmother’s last attempt to kill her by the random, passer-by prince, and is restored to her royal status by marriage.– all classic fairytales which have been around for generations, and have appeared in many different retellings.Nowadays, these stories are owned by the production giant known as Walt Disney Studios, leaving all of the retelling and changes up to their collective discretion.Had she decided to be a little more forcefully assertive before the end of the movie, it’s obvious that things would have gone poorly for her.Her stepmother smashes the glass slipper Ella managed to save from her trip to the ball when they get into an argument before the prince’s envoy even arrives – a tell-tale warning sign for escalating abuse .


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