Family Culture Essay

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Through conversations of the family during birthday parties and family dinner, we learned of our parents' interests and attitudes in relations to the world.

We always help our father to prepare for the family dinner on Sundays.

The object to his yelling in any way - once again, I remind you of the fact that elders are treated with utmost respect (in Indian culture, respect includes not opposing any opinion) and this particular Uncle (as I have many) is the oldest Dheer family member in the US.

So, while I am contemplating whether I should enjoy myself at my brother's only wedding (hopefully), and take the risk of looking like a fool, given I have only danced one other day in Public Opinion Survey"Have family values declined in today's society?

As the eldest, I helped my father prepare the foods and especially the desert and vegetables while my other younger siblings have inevitably prepared the table.

The Purpose As part of our tradition, the family meal is a...

The dinner table or birthday party is a significant place for socialization especially for the children.

These act as prime setting for socialization regarding the norms and rules on values of the family and the acceptable behaviour.

Everything from the arrangement of marriages to the raising of children is often questioned and seen as harsh or skewed in approach.

Many generalizations are made about the motives for these ways of living, and are often based in ignorance.


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