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He formulated a very well organized logistics support by youth formations, he implemented this by recruiting young boys aged six years and above in the army as apprentice warriors.These young troops were used to carry supplies like food, cooking materials sleeping mats and extra weapons for the main army, while under training to join the main army.

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All young men and women from the enemy tribe were not killed, they were brought to the Zulu land to be trained as soldiers and the woman become Zulu men’s wives.

This is how Shaka Zulu built the great Zulu nation.

Langeni people also chased Shaka Zulu and his mother away, they went away and again sought refuge with the Mthethwa people who welcomed them.

Shaka Zulu was a very active young warrior with exceptional fighting skills, this made chief Dingiswayo admire him very much, favored him even though he never belonged to the Mthethwa tribe this was the beginning for his future as a leader and a warrior.(Hamilton, Carolyn 1898) The death of Shaka Zulus father Senzangakhona marked the prosperity of his political career as a military warrior and a leader.

Shaka Zulus parents were from the same clan and their marriage was against the Zulus laws.

Shaka Zulus and his mother, Nandi were marginalized in the community, and this forced them to escape when Shaka Zulu was six years old and they sought refuge in the neighboring Langeni tribe.

In the 1800s Africa condition was basically scramble for power, raiding and conquering by various tribal rulers to protect their territory and expand it.

During this time, Africa had not organized itself into nations, It was divided into small kingdoms and tribes ruled by tribal chiefs .


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