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The first thing to mention is the fact that a tourist product is something that can satisfy the recreational need and is offered by the tourism industry for the purpose of focusing attention, acquisition, use or consumption.

The manufacturers of a tourist product should find consumers whom they want to sell their product, find out tourists’ needs, and then create a product that more fully meets these needs.

They can stop for the night in the monasteries’ cells, on the territory of ashrams, in tent camps (during a hajj, for example), they can spend the night in temples on the floor or even right on the street.

In addition, the choice of food is usually limited (for example, in Christian countries, during fasting, food is lean, while in India it is vegetarian).

In turn, the development of tourism is affected by various factors: demographic, natural-geographical, socio-economic, historical, religious and political-legal.

The economic development of tourism is characterized by impressive data on the world economic market.

Before talking about marketing several key concepts should be defined.

In the terms of this paper, religious belief should be seen as “a cultural attribute that shapes tourists’ perceptions of their destination” (Fourie et al. It means that even if religion is not an explicit factor in a tourist’s decision-making process, the fact that the dominant religion of a destination is the same as theirs may be a significant (but implicit) determinant of their choice.

However, in addition to its enormous economic importance, it plays a big role in expanding the boundaries of mutual understanding and trust between people of different religions and cultures.

Its activities are not limited only to the trade of goods and services, as well as the search for new trading partners.


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