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First, I should decide on the college of my choice.

My choice would probably be Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN or Carson-Newman in Jefferson City, TN.

These should be ensured by a neonatal nurse that they are within the normal ranges. Neonatal Nurse Practitioners: Distribution, Roles and Scope of Practice. Craig and colleagues (2006) discuss that assessment is a crucial first step in the delivery of health care, and often serves as the initial point of patient/nurse communication or contact.

Thermoregulation, glucose monitoring, fluid balance and feeding regulations are to be monitored regularly by the neonatal nurses, especially for the neonates in the intensive care unit. During the initial meeting with the patient, it is usually the nurse’s role to make a thorough evaluation of the patient (from head to toe) as a means......The Role of Nurse Practitioners Introduction The growing number of the elderly population and shortage of primary health care physicians have considerably increased the role of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) in the United States (US). 1) suggest that the best way to alleviate “pressures on the primary care workforce is greater use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, which could both increase the number of primary care providers and potentially free up physicians to care for more complex patients.” Since their introduction in the 1960s, both disciplines have a proven record......

NICU is a neonatal intensive care unit, which cares for babies from birth to possible two years of age.

Essays On Neonatal Nurses

I would find a NICU in a children’s hospital or even possibly a regular hospital.The reason I want to be a NICU nurse is because my little cousin, Joseph, was born prematurely in May of 2004.My parents and I went to visit him and this made me realize how fragile life really is.Neonatal nurse has to make sure that she assesses the underlying problem and provides immediate resuscitation to the neonate (Meeks et al 2009). Part A Discuss the role of the nurse when collecting a comprehensive nursing health assessment.Assessment of the baby includes noting the baby’s color, tone, heart rate and respiratory rate. In comprehensive nursing health assessment, the nurse’s role is to gather data on the patient’s physiological, psychological, sociological, spiritual health.The neonatal nurse plays an important role in assessment and examination of the neonate immediately after birth.Cardio respiratory support to the baby should be prepared after birth to avoid any complications.First of all I have a very sincere desire to want to help and care for babies.I have to be able to watch success, and see some failures.Some parents may even call NICU nurses an “angel.” I, the nurse, have to keep my emotions together, and care for the baby.Babies that are in the NICU are usually very young.


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