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For example, if you want go shopping; you do not know how to go the market and what cloths you need wear.

In addition, mostly people share a house in Austria; probably they share a house with friend, it’s the same, mostly people spend time with friends, because when you go a country, you will feel lonely and melancholy, you need friends to boredom and sometimes Friends can help you when you have trouble, and when you just go this country, if you can make many friends at first, you can feel intimacy and you do not fear for this country.

Living different culture is not easy at times because of many reasons, culture shock is a problem we face up to every day, especially when we travel abroad and study.

“Culture shock is a natural reaction when moving to another country.

Culture Shock is the disorientation and change that is experienced after an international relocation.

The change is always due to difference in weather, culture, language, customs, values, landscape, mode of dressing and food.

First talking and communicating with new people is not easy and convenient.

You need grasp the language first if you go to one country, that is the basic to communicate to the local people, and you can know more things about this country, for example, “when westerners visit Vietnam, they may feel disturbed when hear" what are you doing? "。Indeed, these sentences are just "Hi" or "good morning”.”(2007) “There are many resources available to help.

You will feel as if you are in the wrong place; everything will appear abnormal and you will often find things hard to comprehend.

Culture shock is not exclusive for international relocation.


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