Essays Of A Salesman Character Analysis

However, regardless of what Gatsby does and tries to do, this ‘perfect life’ he chases for so long will never be attained due to her lack of interest.

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Gatsby is a headstrong individual who can’t seem to give up on Daisy, all his efforts go towards the chance of a future with her. In his obsession with the American dream, he sacrificed his morals and his character.

Through this, it becomes clear that Gatsby had achieved one of the American dream, indicating his hardworking quality.

Biff doesn’t care for society’s ideas of a stable life.

This creates conflict between the two characters; which partially highlights the superficial aspects of the American dream.

Finally, both characters’ focus on the American dream leads them to neglect their relationships.

Their own idea of the American dream becomes more important than the thoughts and ideas of their loved ones.He has already achieved the financial goal that most people strive for, his obsession for Daisy persists. ’ ‘Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay.’ “ (Fitzgerald, 83) Daisy is his ultimate goal, but even when he is in a relationship with her, he still expects more commitment and genuine affection from her.At the same time, Gatsby’s dialogue clearly shows his passion for her, and he even moves houses for her.He’ll never be happy with what he has, just like he can never grab the green light.Overall, despite his high social class, he continued to desire more.” (Miller, 14) While Willy may have a decent paying job and can afford to pay his bills, he continuously complains about a lack of promotion while doing nothing substantial to attain it.His job is a part of the stereotypical American Dream and something he enjoys; yet it’s still not enough to satisfy his inner desires.Willy’s belief about success overpower Biff’s own passions, which leads to a poor relationship between the two characters, “Hap, he’s got to understand I’m not the man somebody lends that kind of money to.” (Miller, pg 105).Willy’s disapproval of his son’s career comes from his own definition of success.Willy Loman, despite living comfortably, has a constant desire to attain more pleasure, which can come in the form of wealth and emotional validation. This was clearly to seek the emotional validation he wasn’t getting from Linda.One instant that proves this statement to be true is when readers find out that Willy was unfaithful to his wife. As for wealth, he always poke about the possibility of getting a promotion: “If old man Wagner was alive I’d be in charge of New York by now!


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