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By Vikram Parahoo A few weeks ago, I came across this pro-life booth on campus.One of the people there came up to me and we had a short conversation that got me thinking more about my stance on abortion.

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So let’s look at the best rebuttals to that argument.

Kristine Kruszelnicki(Executive Director at Pro-Life Humanists) attempted to refute Matt’s analogy in a debate with him by showing a gruesome video of what she describes as a baby being aborted.

When the parents procreated, they knew there was a non zero chance of the child getting that kidney disease.

Should the parents be legally required to donate one of their kidneys?

These people who want to abolish abortion are called the pro-life activists.

The pro-choice activists argue that abortion is a choice that should be decided by each individual.”My response was quite simple: “I do wish women face less discrimination than they currently do but it makes me much more uncomfortable to take rights away from people.” He looked confused for a bit, probably because no one had really refuted his argument before me or maybe he did not really understand my point so I gave him an analogy so he understands my point better. However, just because I think they are ugly, it does not mean that I can go around telling people not to have them.I don’t like dreadlocks so I just don’t style my hair that way.” He conceded my point, we shook hands and left on that note.Just because a zygote is smaller than a one-year-old baby, it does not mean that the zygote is less meaningful. Consenting to sex does not imply consent to pregnancy (The same way when the parents conceived knowing there was a nonzero chance of their child having a kidney condition, that does not mean they should be legally forced to donate a kidney). If you are someone who is considering getting an abortion, my personal advice would be for you to ignore what people may think about you.Kristine commits the fallacy known as the irrelevant conclusion. As Matt pointed out, in the debate: “Denying women the rights to abortion makes them slaves to their biology. Just because women are in this situation because of nature, it does not mean that they have to stay that way.”To see what other arguments there was out there, I listened to some famous conservative speakers give their best rebuttals to the pro-choice argument, I watched many videos and photos of babies allegedly being aborted and they all consistently miss the mark, just like Kristine did. It’s your body and thus, you decide what you want to do.She also says that a newborn is smaller than a 20-year-old male. The body autonomy argument concedes all that already.However, we would all agree that both are meaningful. The argument only says that a woman should not be forced to carry a zygote in her body.Instead, the question is: Should the government impose on them that they have to donate one of their kidneys? It is not an argument for people to abort, it is not an attempt at killing babies, it is simply giving women the right to choose whether they want to abort or have a baby.Whenever I formulate an argument, the main thing I like to do is to see how it stands against an opposition.Pro-choice activists believe that it is the woman's right to choose whether or not to give birth to her baby once she becomes pregnant.On the other hand, there are people in our society who are working hard and making every effort to convenience Congress to pass laws that would make abortion illegal.


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