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All nests or burrows get destroyed and wildlife have to abandon their habitats.This leads to decreased biodiversity of the ecosystem, as well as the potential for species to become endangered or extinct.

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The chemicals act as a poison and could end up killing them.

Additionally, this debris cannot be digested by animals.

This contaminated water can also destroy coral reefs and other smaller aquatic water-life.

Chemicals are not the only way cigarettes impact aquatic animals.

The environment is the last thing anyone thinks of when it comes to the negative effects of the tobacco and cigarette industry.

Although it is not the first thing people think of, the industry does have a huge negative impact on the environment.

When consumed, the debris gets trapped in the animal’s stomach.

This impacts the way the animal eats and can lead to the inability to absorb nutrients.

Smoking is harmful, not only for humans but to animals, plants, and nature.

The entire process, from start to finish, impact the environment negatively and needs more attention to stop this issue.


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