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It is a poor place where crime, gangsters and the Mafia had been well known in recent history.Tension in the Carbone household is present right from the beginning of the play and the narrator, lawyer and family friend Alfieri warns the audience of a tragic ending in his opening speech.

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Some of the content feels a little irrelevant (the paragraph on the play as a modern Greek tragedy), but putting the play into its context of production demonstrates a high level of thinking.

Overall, the essay could be more succinct, but it is not an issue that would cause the candidate to lose marks.

Middle Rodolfo decides to show off his voice to impress Catherine but Eddie does not like this and stops Rodolfo and asks him a rhetorical question "Look kid; you don't want to be picked up, do ya?

" Eddie calls him a "kid" which suggest that Eddie is trying to establish his role in the household but Eddie also has another intention for stopping Rodolfo because Eddie does not like that Rodolfo is getting all the attention and that Catherine seems to be impressed with Rodolfo's singing skills because she is according to Miller's stage direction "enthralled" when Eddie tells him to stop singing.

The act is discussed at length, and the play as a whole is also taken into account.

A good habit to get into, particularly if intending to continue English Literature to A-Level and beyond, is to write about characters in the text as constructs by the writer and not as people.Alfieri also gives us some background information on the Carbone family and it sets a mood to the start of the scene.Alfieri introduces the play, narrates the story in flashback, focussing on key scenes, and then closes the play.This shows that Marco is very protective over his younger sibling Rodolfo.The end of the first act also shows that Eddie is in conflict with almost all of his family members.These references to aspects of the play that are not explicitly included in the question shows that the candidate is a strong student and has the initiative to explore the play as a whole, and not just Act 1.Quality of Writing The candidate's quality of written communication is excellent; his/her ideas are expressed clearly and arguments are developed and well-explained.Spelling and grammar are also of a very high standard, with very few minor errors. GCSE Literature Planning Template Focusing on a specific exam question, the grid guides you through the main areas that your response needs to cover.Level of Analysis The essay includes detailed and extended analysis at the level of language (the third paragraph is a good example), with focus on individual words and a discussion of the different ways they could be interpreted by the reader.The use of these skills demonstrate that the candidate is a strong English Literature student.


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