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These include: Chinese politics, economy, history or archaeology.The knowledge of Chinese language can help to study the unique culture of the ancient civilization.The study of Chinese literature can be used to bridge the cultural gap that can help humans understand their Chinese counterparts, thus creating a platform that would sustain knowledge and understanding of the terms that are crucial for effective communication.

The analysis of literary works may help you understand what stands behind the language, and what makes it powerful.

Some things that point to the value of Chinese language: The dominant language in the country is Mandarin language.

Chinese Language In this part of my paper I want to draw your attention to some surprising facts that pertain to the Chinese language.

The research shows that the Chinese language has a relatively uncomplicated grammar.

Contrary to French, German or English, Chinese has no verb conjugation (in other words tense inflection).

Also, this language has no noun declension, including gender and number distinctions.

In fact, sexism exists both in languages and literatures.

This can be regarded as not a mere feminist fabrication.

In case there were no sexism, there would be no need for feminism.

Sexism can be regarded as a thing that is more apparent for thecountries of the Near and Far East.


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