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An adequate ambitious person sets realistic goals and successfully reaches them.

They are always happy to hear the opinions of others and have a sober assessment of the situation.

These radical reassessments of the meaning of life are expressed in a powerful monologue of Macbeth.

Emotionally this monologue talks about the despair, about the collapse of the projection.

If you want a lot, if you have the highest claim, if you are not satisfied with anything but the best - you're an ambitious person.

Among essays on ambition, it is written that an ambitious person first of all strives to be the best, always and everywhere, occupies a status above the rest.

I want to write about it in my Macbeth ambition essay.

"Macbeth" is the story of a fearless warrior and a charismatic commander, who was ruined by unbridled ambition and desires.

The insight of Macbeth indicates that "I" is "the aspect of personality that puts an end to all projections." Macbeth is often described as a madman who in the end of the play seeks to meet his own death.

Would we say that he is a hero who has made the painful path of transformation of consciousness?


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