Essay On Utility Of Mobile Phones

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By getting knowledge from these initiatives, there can be transferring of knowledge countries and be adapted in line with the specific needs and context and skills to the developing.

In essence, innovation and creativity have enabled human beings to come up with solutions to the problems that arise or to deal with the necessities facing them.

Over time, there has been advancement in technology and this has come up as a result of making appropriate efforts to be creative and innovative.

The innovation rate in the mobile phone industry is quite unique and this is in regard to the handset innovation as well as the range of services that are offered.

In the course of the past few years, the mobile phone has turned out to the main information communication device “spurred on by the earlier introduction of text messaging and the more recent mobile internet services (Wireless Application Protocol, WAP)” (Banks & Burge, 2004, p.9).


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