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While creating my children’s books, I often find myself in a state of reflection.I return to the emotions and priorities that I had when I was young so that I can get into the mindset of my protagonist.

While creating my children’s books, I often find myself in a state of reflection.

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Back in 1993, after I had the opportunity to illustrate many of the classic monsters for the .

Perhaps these fellas will claw their way into the imaginations of the next generation of game designers. There are toy collector discussions that share pointers (sometimes these toys are dubbed “Chinasaurs” or “Patchisaurs”).

But mostly, I pretend with my toys and remember the adventures that we went on in my backyard and under my bed.

Many of my toys are probably still buried in my mom’s backyard, which is why the internet has become my time machine for recovering lost treasure that I so fondly remember.

I went to Dave Sutherland for an emergency drawing (drawings could be submitted to the printers after the copy was set) and he did a dandy job on almost no notice.” If you don’t know the “Land shark” skit, give it a quick Google search and watch. I love Tim’s story: Dime store toys in the hands of those with wondrous imaginations became something more – they became the geeky stuff of modern fantasy lore.

Because these toys were manufactured in Hong Kong (perhaps as Ultraman knock-offs) and sold here through various distributors, it can be a challenge to track down a full set.

Soon, they became the perfect creatures for my Micronauts to discover or my plastic cowboys to combat.

Some years after our playtime adventures had concluded, these creatures reappeared in another adventure of mine by means of paper, pencil and twenty-sided dice.

Sadly, I was convinced that these li’l monsters were no longer being manufactured…that is until I came across this set of “Realistic Dinosaurs” at my local Rite-Aid earlier this year: (I am glad to see the manufacturer is upholding the same tongue-in-cheek description of these toys.) Take a closer look at what’s included in this set.

Turns out no one can bury a Bulette – they’ll eventually dig their way out and resurface.


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