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Keep in mind that this short essay is argumentative.Therefore, your thesis should be persuasive (but arguable), and your essay should be driven by analysis (subsequent claims and evidence).

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Pre-Drafts Grading: Essay #3 is worth 10% of your overall course grade.

*Since this is a close reading of the text, you should not consult outside sources, so there really should not be an issue with plagiarism, but just a reminder: Plagiarism, in all forms, will not be tolerated.

*Some difficulties you might encounter along the way & some suggestions for moving past them: Thinking you have nothing to say: This is where close reading is so helpful!

Dig beneath the surface of the text and explore possible connections and interpretations.

Remember that each quote/example should be introduced, explained/analyzed, relevant, and cited (using MLA style for in-text citations).

This essay should be written in the third person, and you should should not consult outside sources: this essay builds from a close reading of the excerpts of The Secret that we read together.

Your goal is to use critical thinking and analysis to demonstrate how Byrne constructs a particular meaning and view of happiness in The Secret and to identify the (often hidden) values that inform such a vision.

“Happiness” (both in general and in how Byrne specifically defines/presents it) is a difficult and complex idea, so it is ok if you don’t come to a definite position one way or the other …

Remember that the purpose of this essay is not to write about “happiness” in general, but to critically consider how it this abstract concept is represented a particular text (The Secret) we have read.

Therefore, do not simply state the obvious/general (ex: “Byrne claims that ‘thoughts become things’” or “happiness is hard to define because it means different things to different people”).


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