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There were so many girls who made me feel discomfited and ashamed.Boys were easy: their humor unsubtle, their expectations low.All the self-protective laughter, all the excuses, all the making myself a concave bowl to hold an insult where it would not hurt: Had those been to protect someone else all along?

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Girls who boys wanted to be their girlfriends, but who weren’t, were even worse: They took everything amiss, from teasing to compliments, refusing to be impressed. We laughed it off, let it go, joined in, one-upped.

If a joke is made at your expense, and it doesn’t bother you, was it really at your expense at all?

Before I went to a women’s college, most of my friends were boys.

My favorite and most steadfast friends, from contexts that mattered more than high school, were women, which is why I was willing to apply and then to accept—but I almost didn’t.

It’s directed at matricides and fratricides, perjurers, oathbreakers, and those who offend the gods.

It is targeted and implacable, the striking hand of a finely tuned clockwork structure of morals and values.

I knew how to experience the emotion, and I opposed injustice on principle, but I’d trained myself out of connecting the two; I had to rebuild the pathway between grief and grievance.

That meant learning to recognize the smell of mistreatment, to see it and name it and recognize it as a cause for anger and not for deprecation or self-blame.

Their real names are Tisiphone, Alecto, and Megaera: Avenger of Murder, Unceasing Anger, and Jealousy. But the title Eumenides holds a deeper truth: Their vengeance is a mercy, a deserved and necessary cleansing fire.

They hunt down the wicked and punish them, both in life and after death, but the wrath of the Furies is not capricious.


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