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In the following paragraphs, Mc Donald’s servicescape will be analyzed merging with the local condition.

And then, based on Bitner`s (1992) servicescape model about environment-user relationships ,some managerial suggestions adapting local condition will be proposed thereby improving Mc Donald’s servicescape design to better satisfy the customers.

In China, although Mc Donald’s’ acts locally in building the restaurant’s service environment to some extent, there are still some issues existing in its servicecape design.

However, have studied customers’ discussions about the service environment in Mc Donald’s’, the issues existing in its servicescape include the shortage of the ambient condition (such as the inadequate use of music), the insufficiency of the spatial layout design (such as the lake of Self-help sauce pavilion), and the use of symbols and artifacts elements inside the restaurant.

Comparative Politics: Interests, Identities, and Institutions in a Changing Global Order. In the letter Thesis statement : Since the population has grown rapidly since in the past Fifty (5) years, how did the Chinese government deal with the population explosion in the past and how will they deal,with it in the future?

Though China is the world's fifth-largest country in terms of area and the second largest country in Asia, it is the most populous country in the world. "Alarm in China over High Gender Imbalance." The people eating the food to become sick.via @Lambda Literary and @penguinrandom The Dos and Don’ts When Meeting Agents at Writing Conferences |…via @Writers Digest HT @The IWSG and @Frugal Book Promo P8 Follow Winning Writers on Twitter!"Some Dramatic Rules from Anton Chekhov", a comic by @tomgauld for @guardianreview |… Bc HJPa D0e "If a Girl Screams in the Middle of the Night", a poem by @oliviagatwood |…Mc Donald’s entered the China market in October 1990 and it becomes a popular restaurant which owns 960 restaurants and over 60,000 employees in China at the present day (Liu, 2008).According to the service gap model (Zeithaml, 2009), the problems existing in the servicescape which is the physical environment where the service is delivered (Bitner, 1992) will lead to provider gap 2 (the service design and standards gap) in the gaps model of service quality (see appendix one).However, for the sake of better satisfying the customers, the improvement of servicecape design become an important task of Mc Donald’s to maintain its development in China.Background Mc Donald's Corporation, an American company, is the world's leading food service retailer, with more than 30,000 franchise restaurants in more than 100 countries (Mc Donald cooperation, 2010).In order to qualify as a contest participant, a person must successfully submit the online application form and must be at least 18 years old.Contest participants' application form submissions must be written in English. The chosen topic is as follows: How does writing impact today's world?


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