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The man gave me his address and then said, “There’s a woman in front of my house.” This one stumped me. Yes, the city where I worked was affluent, and most people used their cars to get groceries. ” I waited for more clarification as I racked my brain for the correct penal code under which this infraction might fall. You can think of police reports as being like lawsuits.

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But I pointing out that those cops on the video didn’t look happy to be forced to take the complaint seriously.

They had way better things to do that afternoon than investigate some guys cooking out in a park.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re reporting.” “She’s .” My heart sped up as it did every day when I heard this kind of thing. I sent our one Afghan officer to take the report from her. By now, you’ve probably heard about the white Oakland woman who called the cops because black men were using a charcoal grill at Lake Merritt.

This Northern California city was affluent and very white, bordering Oakland, much of which was neither. She’s been memed and mocked, and the department has been criticized for sending officers out.

Once it was reported that people were fighting, an officer arrived at the scene of the barbecue eight minutes later. We live in a country still mired in institutional racism, including its policing.

Am I saying police officers aren’t racist — that they question black citizens more aggressively than white citizens because responding to most complaints is obligatory? I’m not in the business anymore, and the relationship between police departments and communities of color was one of the reasons I left to write full time.

Racism can sometimes begin as a reaction to world events or news stories.

At other times, someone who has had a painful personal experience with someone from a particular racial group might blame everyone of that race. This can happen when they don’t have the opportunity to learn about alternative views.

It’s never okay to discriminate someone based on their race.

If you’re worried about how your views might affect other people, it can help to imagine being someone else to try and see their points of view.


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