Essay On Poverty In New Zealand

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We will be much better off actively shaping our future rather than following passively in the wake of the tsunami of change.

Now we have an economy that fails to pay many a reasonable wage or meet their material needs; that is driven by unsustainable debt, production and consumption; that rapidly degrades our ecosystem on which we depend, as documented by , the Government’s first comprehensive evaluation of our ecosystem.

Our guide will be the planet itself, hence our need to own up to The Anthropocene.

The previous epoch, the Holocene, lasted only 11,700 years -- a very short but very sweet spot in climate terms.

It is possible to calculate that the poverty line after deducting housing costs for a household with two adults and two children lies at $600 per week or $31,200 annually in 2016 dollars.

For a sole parent with one child it is 5 per week or ,200 annually in 2016 dollars (MSD Household Incomes report July 2017, p.106).Ask what is being done to lift out of poverty the hundreds of thousands of people our country who are living lives affected by poverty?There is no official ‘poverty line’ in New Zealand as there is in other countries (e.g.USA) and no formal agreement about exactly how to measure poverty.There is general consensus however, that the strongest indicator of poverty is your level of income.There is also some consensus that an income level set at 60% of median household disposable income after housing costs is a reasonable level of income to protect people from the worst effects of poverty (e.g.this is one of the measures used by the government’s Social Report).We wash away each year some 200 million tonnes of top soil, the lifeblood of our economy’s primary sector, thanks to the way we use our land.The eroded soil clogs up our streams, rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal waters, smothering their ecosystems, which are crucial parts of our own life-support system. Worldwide, we humans move more of the Earth’s surface each year than do natural processes because of the way we farm, quarry, build and reshape our environment in myriad ways.Facts About Poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand seeks to explode the ‘urban myths’ that are constantly recycled about people who are poor.It is our job to follow the research, evidence and policy about poverty and we want more people to understand what the realities of poverty are.


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