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This sample is a great example of the compare and contrast essay writing.

This sample is a great example of the compare and contrast essay writing.

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The biological clock guides such characteristics, and when the right time comes, the physical and behavioral attributes mature and become conspicuous.

Such traits get programmed in a way that for them to grow visible, they will take a certain period to develop.

On the contrary, through nurture, an individual acquires specific attributes from the environment that surrounds them.

When a child is born, for instance, its mind is black and empty.

Nature and nurture influence individuals to a certain extent because individuals get exposed to both of them in one way or the other dictating their development process.

Nature principle holds that biological characteristics of individuals get inherited from the genetic makeup in their lineage.

Then only can we enjoy the sublime sights and sounds of nature — otherwise we shall be like a man who goes to the river Ganges with a bowl full of holes.

Only a simple heart can enjoy the beauty of nature.

To a lover of nature, every object, of nature is as much living as any human being.

That is why Wordsworth wrote: “there is a spirit in the woods.” Beauties of nature are unlimited.


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