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This meant that gangsters were respectable in the society irrespective of the unethical means of wealth acquisition (Dirks par.

It was then that the gangster movies began to become entertaining and majority of the audience reported liking the violence on screen.

The gangster movies of the thirties were actually based on criminal occurrences and the existence of actual gangsters rather than myths as depicted by the first gangster films.

Still under the same generation, there were gangster movies that were produced such as the ; which is considered to be the first modern gangster movie.

The movie had the various elements of crime and its production was basically from a gangster’s point of view.

The plot characteristic is always based on criminal or gang rivalries that attempt to outdo each other.

Crime culture and gangster films have been around since the onset of the 20 (1906) by the same producers.

Many of the immigrants who arrived in New York were often struggling financially in their home country and had come to America in order to escape the harsh realities of their lives.

Of these immigrants who came to America searching for a better life, many eventually turned to crime.

Gangster films often tend to highlight the life events of a crime figure or the victims of crime and in most cases they attempt to glorify a given criminal figure or gang in the cast (Dirks par. The idolized gangster in the film or in real life situation is always presented as an outlaw hero who draws admiration due to his toughness to go against the system, and in some cases the criminal figure is portrayed as villain to the society.

Almost all gangster films have the same plot and theme characteristic; the film gangsters are always presented as being materialistic, and tough to outdo the legal system and procedures.


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