Essay On Earthquake In Haiti

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Will the power that is greater than the greatest earthquake see and hear their cries? Journalists too often “drop in” on major news stories and never stay long enough to dig beneath the surface. I applaud your dedication to a country that has been filled with turmoil for as long as I can remember.

I chose to recall my personal Haiti experiences and fondly remember my stays at the Hotel Montana, the Haitian children trailing after us as we shared candy with them, our “fixers” who took us to places no American dare go alone and the simple beauty of watching the Haitian culture explode with vibrance when poverty was never more than a foot away.

Has judgement and sentence been served in one fell swoope? Maggie, you are a gem beneath the destruction and despair that belies Haiti.

From where will the Haitains find the resolve to cling to their culture now on the brink of distinction? You’re insight gives us hope and true vision into this enormous tragedy.

Like many oppressed people across the planet, it is their culture which is their resistance. But to say that Haitian culture was a sham prior to the earthquake, deprives Haitians of their identity at precisely the moment in time when it should be valued and recognized.

These images are so powerful because of the life they show amidst the destruction.Streets and neighborhoods around the city are piles of rubble except for a few gingerbread houses — old wooden houses from the French era — that stand proudly erect while everything around them has fallen. It is the glue that holds a nation together when all else fails.Other cities and villages across the land, some small, some larger, have also suffered. But now that, too, may be lost, in the well-intentioned rebuilding efforts by the international community.Real productive structures can arise which build an economy long buried in ruins.Unfortunately island people here and elsewhere serve,perform and smile for the visitors hoping for tips looking smart in their culturally correct costumes.We are with you in spirit and support you with our prayers.Your insight is significant in remember what was and what can be again.This is and was a culture in ruins before the tragedy. It might not be pretty to photograph or have the music that haunts us as we have drinks on a secluded hotel veranda but it will be theirs.Now maybe the real boat will be in and they will all be on it.Your humanist eyes describes for us the broad sweep of historical people of Haiti.Your work with them is a page of dignity, courage and honor. Which culture would you save,the poor children who follow visitors hoping for a handout,the gangsters who roam freely in control of their domains or the wealthy upper classes who work in foreign countries and vacation above the slums which grow day by day.


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