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The CJ had become a thorn because he had passed orders in certain sensitive cases that didn’t please the establishment especially in cases relating to “missing persons” thought to have been kidnapped by Pakistani intelligence agencies for investigation into their possible “terrorist links” and of whom, a number were handed over unlawfully to the US against monetary reward.The movement which originally began as a lawyers agitation soon attracted the attention of broader sections of Civil Society and the media. Lawyers practicing in the lower courts in the districts and sub-divisional towns fully participated.

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In Pakistan, lawyers and their organisations have been active in the struggle for a Constitutional Democracy and Rule of Law for a long time.

The first such struggle was initiated countrywide by the bar associations at Lahore, Karachi and Dacca in the early sixties after the country’s first martial law was imposed in 1958.

This well-disciplined lifestyle and a common Rule of Law extending throughout a large area leads some historians to believe and suggest the Indus Valley civilisation in Pakistan as possibly the earliest cradle and model of democracy; one which was based on a "popular rule by the people" based on the conceptions of Welfare State and Rule of law (and hence the presence of some form of Democracy) which even predated old Greece.

In the wake of intensifying political instability, the civilian bureaucracy and military assumed governing power in 1958.

BECAUSE the need for political stability is central to all the major questions faced by my country, I should like to concentrate on an analysis of this problem, suggesting the spirit and attitude with which it must be met rather than articulating a specific policy.

In addressing an interpretation of this kind to a foreign audience, a Prime Minister comes under a double temptation--to boast and yet to be apologetic for the state of affairs in his nation.Discovery and confession are first steps in the correction of faults.By mature and honest self-appraisal in place of self-praise we can best progress in earning the esteem we covet.Arrests and detentions were made and some lawyers remained in prison for over a year.The agitation was called off when the constitution was restored, albeit in a compromised, amended form with General Zia retaining the power to dissolve the elected parliament and dismiss the government.A nation can earn the respect due to maturity by itself acting maturely.I reject any excuse based upon our youngness as a polity.Until 2013, Pakistan did not experience even one democratic transfer of power from one democratically elected government that had completed its tenure to another.All of its previous democratic transitions have been aborted by military coup .The movement which started in March 2003 was a reaction to General Musharraf’s attempt to get rid of the Chief Justice of Pakistan by filing a frivolous reference against him before the Supreme Judicial Council and passing an order suspending him till the reference was heard and decided.This action was taken after the CJ refused to resign voluntarily during a meeting with Musharraf in the presence of several other generals.


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