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This law, however, takes neither approach but insists simply that abuse of the vulnerable will meet punishment from an angry God, who will personally assume the role of family avenger of wrong.“I will be infuriated and kill you at sword point,” though marvelously unambiguous, stands out as an unusual statement in Israelite law or its Near Eastern parallels (such as the Code of Hammurabi).

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Illegal immigration is on the front burner issue in the United States because of twofold attitude to immigrants.

On the one hand, they usually select jobs that are neglected by Americans, on the other – they do not pay taxes for the incomes they get for their work.

The oldest law collection in the Bible seems to be the Covenant Code in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5, which other biblical law collections comment on, amplify, and at times modify.

These laws work for harmony in an agrarian society of small villages lacking a central authority.

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That will lead to increased spending on health care for American citizens.

“In an already under funded programs they give these services a more heavy burden to deal with.” (Carney 1996).

That is why it is vital to apply raft of measures on the legislative, juridical and executive levels with a comprehensive approach.

Biblical texts repeatedly take up the question of the dignity of migrants and of what others owe them as fellow human beings.


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