Essay For The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan

Essay For The Joy Luck Club By Amy Tan-29
She is the literary editor for WEST , the weekly magazine produced by the Los Angeles Times.

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Waverly, a chess prodigy, thinks she has grown more clever than the mother who gave her “invisible strength.” Lena fears being drawn into her mother’s madness and consoles herself by imagining others having a life worse than hers.

Rose, whose mother cannot let go of the memory of her son who drowned, now believes that by hoping for less, you aren’t as vulnerable to loss.

In the next two sections, the daughters recall moments of uncertainty, anger, or fear in childhood.

They are also stories of resistance and rebellion and the rejection of what they see as false beliefs their mothers have tried to instill.

She lives with her husband in New York and San Francisco. How did your life change after the publication of this book?

I wrote this book with no expectations that it would be read by very many people.Lindo recounts her submission to an arranged marriage but not to a fate handed to her by someone else.And Ying-Ying remembers a time when she could not stand still in another person’s shadow, as required of her, and by giving into her desire for the wrong things, she later gave up her spirit.Her mother, Suyuan, has died unexpectedly, and now her mother’s longtime friends in the Joy Luck Club have invited June to take her mother’s place at the mahjong table, where stories spanning seven decades are recalled above the din of swirling tiles.To these aunties, June confesses what every mother fears: that mother and daughter never understood each other. In interwoven voices, mothers and daughters privately recall pivotal moments from their past, as girls and as young women, when they failed their mothers in public and private ways, and thus built walls to protect themselves in the future.The Joy Luck Club is a portrait of four fictional families set against the backdrop of China and America, yet the discoveries of family legacy and individual identity, of clashes and reconciliation, are universal to us all.ABOUT AMY TANAmy Tan is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Joy Luck Club , The Kitchen God’s Wife , and The Opposite of Fate , which was also a New York Times Notable Book.With these reasonable expectations, I wrote The Joy Luck Club without the self-consciousness I would later feel when the book landed on the bestseller list.No one had predicted the book’s trajectory, and I was stunned, as if I had won the lottery without having ever bought a ticket.The Joy Luck Club is about the power of storytelling between generations: to know your family’s past is to know yourself, and with that knowledge, you are free to shape your own destiny.Through storytelling, the fragile bonds between mother and daughter are pulled and tightened, as each feels what the other means by hope.


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