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This photo showed the evolvement of society as a whole.This point was given with three different effective articles.

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After my last point was given, the transition from here to my conclusion was clear, signaling that the end was coming near.

The language throughout my speech was very clear for the audience according to the feedback given.

Furthermore, the body of my speech had three main sections, being women’s roles in the 16th century in the USA, women’s rights of 1920 in the USA, and women today in the 21st century in the USA.

These sections had bold titles so that the audience can follow along much easier.

My first point being women’s roles in the 16th century was presented with a visual aid of women during this time, how they dressed, bear children and catered to their husbands.

Along with this, three articles were provided to give clear and effective evidence.

Adderley 1 Jada Adderley Communication 2200 Professor Stephen Decker Informative Speech Critique My informative speech on Women’s Rights was given on February 27th, 2018.

My specific purpose being women’s roles through history was clearly portrayed in my central idea and throughout my speech.

The following template, which showcases the main features of a critique, is provided as one example.

Typically, the introduction is short (less than 10% of the word length) and you should: Briefly summarise the main points and objectively describe how the creator portrays these by using techniques, styles, media, characters or symbols.


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